The DustMasterR Flour Collector uses a combination of vacuum suction and blower air impingement  to remove free dusting flour, corn meal and small dough debris from the product, product carrier and/or the ambient bakery air.   At the same time, it provides positive dough piece positioning in the pan.   Single or multiple-hood units are available.

Integreate the stainless steel DustMasterR into your single or multiple-conveyor production systems.   Five hood widths (20", 30", 36", 42", 44") are available in single or multiple-hood DustMasterR configurations.

The DustMasterR Hood(s) use sanitary turbine blower air through a set of special manifolds to get the free dusting flour and debris airbourne.   The high volume of air also forms an air curtain which helps keeps the material within the hood enclosure until the vacuum system (3 or 7.5 HP) can remove it to drums and/or filter box.    The filter units feature disposable filter media, eliminating costly labor intensive cleaning operations required with reuseable dust bag systems (although we also have them available for pure flour dusting operations).


FDA Compliance

Reduced Cross Contamination between Products

Reduced Explosion Hazard

Improved OSHA compliance

*    Respiratory Safety

   *    Worker Sensitization

Improved Plant Sanitation