Welcome to Bake Star, Inc.

Custom Design, Development and Manufacture

Specializing in Automation Equipment for the Baking and Food Processing Industries - Since 1971.

Do you have a specific project requiring a bit more than normal maintenance shop expertise?   With our diverse background in product process and material handling we just might be able to help.    

Bake Star is your source for custom solutions to your unique problems. Challenge us with your application.   Equipment can be supplied for standard or USDA environments.

We're a leader in the Bakery Equipment Industry, so with our available technical resources, your problems are our Bread and Butter. Challenge us with your product needs and see how we can economically clean it, convey it, slice it, stack it or just help your processing and packaging operations.

When you identify an operation in your plant that you feel could be automated, or an existing operation needing to be replaced and "modernized", we should be able to help.

Contact a Bake Star engineering representive to find out more.


Current Equipment Available

We currently produce the following pieces of equipment, having developed them for other Bakeries:

  • Chocolate Spiral Curl Shaver
  • Turbo Air Pre-Depanner
    • Sanitary Pre-Depanning
    • Seed Saver
    • Positioner
  • Cake Pan Cleaners (dry brush systems)
    • Snack Cake Trays
    • Round Cake Pans
    • Peel Boards
  • DustMaster Hoods (sanitary dust removal)
  • Dough Imprinters
    • Random Pattern
    • Registered Pattern & Position
    • Registered Pattern with Random Position
  • Strawberry Capper
    and a
  • Surplus Topping Remover.

Please call us at (763) 427-7611 or email:  GRH230377@msn.com

for additional information on these products.



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